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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California is Considering an Additional 5-year Moratorium on Suction Dredging!

A trailer bill has been quietly approved by the two Budget Committees in the California legislature to impose an additional 5-year moratorium on suction dredging, which includes elimination of the last bit of funding to finish the ongoing (and nearly completed) review of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that supports our regulations. The budget has yet to be voted upon by the full legislature or governor. If passed into law, this would effectively put an end to suction dredging in California for the next 6 seasons or more.
Justification for the moratorium is based upon two arguments: The first is that the annual suction dredge permitting and enforcement program costs California more than the State receives in permit fees. But the Department of Fish & Game (DFG) recently testified in Alameda Superior Court that they take in more permit revenues from suction dredging than the cost of managing our program. So we know this is not true. And what about all of the economic activity that suction dredging generates in California? Recent estimates from DFG place that at $23 million per year before the first moratorium was imposed in 2009.
Besides, if this were really about funding, the State legislature is very experienced at increasing permit fees (this is not an encouragement). It only requires a single legislative session to accomplish that.
This is really about closing down a productive industry in California!

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gold - the New Frontier - Is it the New Medium of Exchange

With the current economy looking as if it is, more and more, becoming unstable it appears that precious metals, particularly gold, is becoming the new medium of exchange, or at least that of a way to invest. Is gold the new money, and how long will this trend last. With the downward spiraling economy a new resurgence in gold fever has taken shape like the gold rush of 1848. People are flocking towards the finding, and purchasing of gold.
Everywhere you look you can see advertisements for gold, in all forms of media.
Gold, and silver, has quickly become one of the highest searched terms on the Internet.
With this resurgent interest in gold, more and more people are becoming interested in prospecting and metal detecting.
Gold was long popular as a medium of exchange and store of value because it was inert, was convenient to move due to even small amounts of gold having considerable value, had a constant value due to its special physical and chemical properties, and was cherished by men.I'd like to start with a brief history of gold, and it's importance to America. Although, the history of gold predates that of America, I am primarily concerned with it's history and use in America today; the 21st century.
Since the mid 1800's Gold has been a source of exchange. Although most people believe gold was discovered in California in 1848,they would be wrong. The truth is, in 1799, gold was discovered in North Carolina spurring a gold rush there, which led to speculation that there was probably gold in Georgia.
According to legend, a Yankee was bitten by a yellow-jacket when passing through Brindletown, North Carolina, and discovered gold in the walls of the mud-daubed cabin when he hit his hand against it. It started a gold rush in 1828, near Dahlonega, Georgia, preceding the California gold rush by 20 years. Dahlonega became a boom town in the Georgia Gold Rush.

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